Physical therapist

A certified physical therapist in Miami Beach FL

Carol and Kim’s Therapeutic Massage is a well established provider of rehabilitation services in Miami Beach, FL and the surrounding areas. Our facility is equipped to offer our patients an excellent opportunity to reach their optimal functional abilities. Managed and operated by the best physical therapist in the area, mandates that patient care is the number one priority. We take pride in the level of compassionate and personal care that is provided, emphasizing a ‘hands on’ approach to exercise and rehabilitation.

On-site treatment.

As a reputable massage therapist, we offer a full service for our patients. This means when you choose us, we will dispatch a reliable physical therapist to your location, whether it is a hotel, home, office, conventions or planned corporate events. Expect the best care treatment along with the most competitive rates.

Carol and Kim’s Therapeutic Massage offers a wide range of physical and occupational therapy services that help with:

  • A physical therapist and a woman on a coachneck and back pain;

  • shoulder and knee injuries;

  • TMJ dysfunction;

  • pre and post orthopedic surgical conditions;

  • balance and dizziness disorders;

  • ankle and foot problems;

  • pre and post pelvic floor dysfunction;

  • sport related injuries;

a physical therapist rehabs a patient's elbowEach patient receives a comprehensive evaluation to identify functional limitations and impairments. The physical therapist will then establish a plan of care, educate the patient and discuss the expected outcomes. Patient participation in the rehabilitation program is reinforced and emphasized throughout each treatment session. It is absolutely necessary for the patient to be completely devoted in order to insure the success of the program and for that reason we have special motivational episodes during the process.

Our physical therapists are highly trained and experienced, ready to provide:

  • advanced joint manipulative and mobilization techniques;

  • cranisacral and myofascial therapy;

  • individualized exercise programs tailored to your needs;

  • deep tissue massage;

  • reflexology;

  • neuromuscular therapy;

  • and more.

Choose Carol and Kim’s Therapeutic Massage for all your needs and rest assured you will be treated with professionalism and care. Our goal is to provide world-class comprehensive rehabilitation care services to improve independence, function and the quality of life for each client. Call us at (305) 771-5223 and have the best physical therapist at your disposal.