Sports Massage from a Licensed Massage Therapist Near You

Stress has a physical effect on our bodies. Athletes and those that frequently overexert themselves physically can benefit from the effects of a sports massage. A massage isn’t always just for relaxation. It can be used to prevent injuries and relieve tension in overworked muscles and joints. At Carol and Kim's Therapeutic Massage, we have many years of experience providing a variety of massage services. We cater to clients living in Miami Beach FL, and we are licensed and insured to provide our services. Keep reading to find out what a massage therapist from our company can do for you!


A sports massage is a form of treatment for soft tissue injuries. It was developed to help athletes and their bodies cope with the level of stress their bodies take during physical exercise. It can help an athlete perform better during a sports event. It can also be useful after a game or match to help the muscles recover from the exertion. The main focus of this type of massage is to prevent injuries to and to help muscles and tendons recover after physical activity.


Having a massage like this can help not only athletes but also the average person as well. Anyone suffering from chronic pain issues or those who have a restricted range of motion can benefit greatly from having a sports massage. The massage therapist will ask you which area you are having a problem with, and they will focus their actions on working on that specific problem. Anyone who does any regular physical activity from jogging to playing tennis to running can benefit from a weekly sports massage.


For the services of an experienced and licensed massage therapist, go to Carol and Kim's Therapeutic Massage. With eighteen years providing massage therapy and other services to clients in the Miami Beach FL area, we can work with any clients who requires relief from stress and pain. We work flexible hours and offer mobile services to cater to our clients. If you’d like to make your appointments, please give us a call at (305) 771-5223.


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