About us

During the last 20 years, Carol and Kim’s Therapeutic Massage has been helping people by making their lives more pleasant, enjoyable and stress free. We are proficient massage therapists, serving the residents of Miami Beach, FL. My aim is to make massages an important part of our customers well-being and healthy lifestyle. We offer tailored massage services adapted to address your personal needs and concerns. At Carol and Kim’s Therapeutic Massage, we are passionate about keeping you pleased and to make you feel comfortable in your body, free from stress, pain and fatigue. We understand that every person has his individual health issues that is why our therapists strive to providing the most suitable therapies for you.

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We utilize the most beneficial techniques to ease the pain, break up muscular tension and eliminate all factors that prevent you from feeling comfortable. Everyone in our team is very knowledgeable and highly professional, which can give you peace of mind that you are in the capable hands of experienced therapists. Our massages techniques combine the best practices for relaxation for your body and mind. Take advantage of the leading massage therapists in the entire area of Miami Beach, FL – Carol and Kim’s Therapeutic Massage. Book an appointment today at: (305) 771-5223