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Feeling stressed out from everyday troubles? Do you have annoying aches and pains? Injuries from sports or accidents? Do you feel tired after a full night’s sleep? Do you have regular headaches. Have you ever tried a therapeutic massage? Carol and Kim’s Therapeutic Massage can ease all these pains and relieve your from the issues and even more. We are massage therapists, certified in a number of different types of massage, designed to both promote overall well-being and ease specific symptoms or injuries. We have been successfully pleasing and comforting clients for 20 years in Miami Beach, FL. Our healing massage services are one phone call away: (305) 771-5223, feel free to contact us or read more about us.

Carol and Kim's Therapeutic Massage
Area served: Miami Beach, FL 33139
Phone: (305) 771-5223

Woman getting massageOur healing massage therapies have the ability to ease muscular pain, stimulate your immune system, improve digestion and increase blood circulation throughout your body. Massage therapy can speed up the healing process of musculoskeletal system, if combined with a mechanical physical therapy. The massage service we provide can help improve sleep overall mental condition by causing the production of endorphins and serotonin, also known as the hormones of happiness. Massages are proven to reduce one’s general susceptibility to depression and anxiety. Here is a small sampling of the different massage services utilized at Russian Pro Massage:

• Sweedish massage – uses long strokes and circular pressure up and down the body and has proven useful in reducing pain, tention and joint stiffness.

a woman receives therapeutic massagePressure point massage or acupressure massage therapy – uses pressing particular points on your body, and can have intense back pain and headaches easing effect.

• Deep tissue massage – a massage technique that uses continuous pressure to penetrate deep into the muscles and connective tissues usually focusing on particular body areas

• Sport massage – a massage therapy that relieves pain, caused by sport injuries. It also promotes incomparable tension alleviation, and can prevent sport injuries. If received regularly, the sport massage can improve the physical performance of the body!

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A very professional and caring person, always in tune with your needs. Whether I feel stressed or have certain injury that aches, at Russian Pro Massage I always... Read more reviews

Hands massaging the back of a womanWe are licensed massage therapists committed to making your life more pleasing, by providing the best bodywork throughout the entire Miami Beach area and ensuring that our space is peaceful and welcoming. We use only the finest oils and fragrances and also take into account your preferences for calming music and the level of lighting during our massages. Our aim is to get to know you and your current problems and offer a customized therapeutic massage that provides healing benefits.

Do not gamble with amateurs, count on the professional massage therapist at Carol and Kim’s Therapeutic Massage to increase the range of motion, eliminate the pain and temporarily reduce blood pressure. Those who have regular therapeutic massage service will surely experience positive effects on emotional healing and sustained physical improvements. Enjoy a healing massage and decrease the stress level and feel the flow of overall good feelings and the calming effects during and after massage. Give Carol and Kim’s Therapeutic Massage a call today at (305) 771-5223 to make an appointment within Miami Beach, FL.